Vision of ONIA
As part of the Kadiri University Strategic Planning process for 2026, the Office of National and International Affairs is committed to providing maximum global exposure to all students, faculty, and staff at Kadiri University through various internationalization programs that will increase competitiveness nationally and internationally.

Mission of ONIA

  1. Improving relationships and increasing the number of collaborations that are beneficial to the importance of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi, both for Faculty Members and Students.
  2. Planning, developing, and implementing strategies for all national and international activities, as well as encouraging the development of the quality of education services to the Academic Community of Kadiri University.
  3. Engaging in national and international operations in each unit of Kadiri University, either as an initiator, planner or facilitator.
  4. Organizing professional services for Faculty Members and Students in the MBKM program, further study abroad, exchange programs with domestic and foreign institutions, national and international conferences/seminars, and other national and international activities.