Workshop and Seminar

  1. Held public lectures and international collaborations with IoB Timor Leste, May 2020
  2. Hosting International Seminar Collaboration for Supporting Independence campus with Jindal Global University India and UiTM Malaysia on June 2020
  3. Organizing International webinar with Pathumtahni University Thailand July 2020
  4. Organizing International Seminar on New Normal in the Global economy with Jindal Global University India and SPECS UK in July 2020
  5. Hosting International Webinar with UNISSA Brunei Darussalam and UiTM Malaysia about The Government Policy and Action Toward Covid-19 on July 2020
  6. Hosting International Seminar about handling patients during new normal era with Uitm Malaysia and Pathumthani University, Thailand on August 2020
  7. Holding Career Seminar with Jindal Global University India, and Academy India apprentices in August 2020
  8. Hosting International Seminar Sustainable Technology dengan UTHM Malaysia and Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia on September 2020
  9. Organizing International Guest lectures on International Research and publications
  10. Organizing an International Webinar with Moscow City University Russia in April 2020
  11. Menyelenggarakan International Webinar tentang Participatory Democracy dengan Hasan First University Maroko dan UNISSA Brunei Darusalam pada  Juni 2021
  12. Organizing an International Webinar on Agriculture Entrepreneurship with Tirkit University in May 2021
  13. Holding an International Conference with UiTM Malaysia and MAHA University Malaysia in June 2021
  14. Hosting International Conference about  Feminisme in Public Policy with Karnavati University India and  Rajamanggala University
  15. Hosting  International Webinar about Socio Economics Impact with Rajamanggala University Thailand and  Moscow City University Rusi
  16. Hosting  Virtual International edutalk with Karnavati University India dan Moscow City University Rusia
  17. Organizing Expert Lecture on Pandemic and Public Administration with Karnavati University India in November 2021
  18. Organizing an International Webinar on Public Good with Thai Global Business Thailand and IoB Timor Leste in December 2021